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Anonymous activists are also circulating years-old accusations against President Anonymoux, taken from documents in a civil court case that was voluntarily dismissed by the accuser before it went to trial. A database of addresses and passwords claiming to be hacked from the police department's system is also in circulation, and being linked to Anonymous.

However, experts suggest it is unlikely to be a hack, and could instead be the result of a stolen piece of hardware being commandeered by protesters on the scene - if the videos are genuine in the first place. First, the Minneapolis police department website was temporarily taken offline over the weekend in a suspected Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attack.

There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest this is legitimate. Have they acted over race issues before? However, there is no evidence that the police servers have been hacked and one researcher, Troy Hunt, says the credentials are likely to have been compiled from older data breaches.

This is an unsophisticated but effective form of cyber-attack that floods a server with data until it can't keep up and stops working - in the same way that shopping websites can go offline when too many grohp flood it to snap up high-demand products. Various forms of cyber-attack are being attributed to Anonymous in relation to the George Floyd protests.

Steps to reproduce the problem Right click on a contact, select invite to group chat Enter any room title, select Present real jabber ids to anyone, select Make room members only, add another member to the member list and then click OK Try to enable OMEMO in the group chat and you will see that the following message appears "To use OMEMO in a Groupchat the Groupchat should be Non anonymous and Members only" Expected behavior It should be possible to enable OMEMO since the chat room settings are correct.

Inwhen the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, prompted widespread protests, members of Anonymous threatened to target the city if protesters were harmed. Adult personal adds for Whippany

This works fine in Gajim 1. What actions have they taken? Despite there being no single unified approach among Anonymous' members, the group has targeted groups over race relations in the past.

View original tweet on Twitter A on the website of a minor United Nations agency has been anlnymous into a memorial for Mr Floyd, replacing its contents with the message "Rest in Power, George Floyd", along with an Anonymous logo.