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We can see a breakdown of cash capital expenditures, which decreased year-over-year, partly due to lower mobile investments given the initial associated launch CapEx costs. First, just going back to the video discussion. The remainder of it is about half of it is up tiering, true up tiering and subscriptions.

And can we expect, trree the store closures, just sort of relatively few net adds until we get to that point and start adding -- open the stores and add those new subscribers on that Adult dating gallery london ontario network? And I don't know if you're willing to share the difference in acquisition cost between a double-play and a single play, but it's really kind of a remarkable state of play to be at the point where you could say sort of broadband-only is higher lifetime.

But we do clearly view this double digit, high single-digit pathway as very sustainable for the medium term given our product road map and given where our subscriber base is in terms of average speeds today. This growth was driven mainly by a similar percentage increase in video streaming.

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So that's going to impact revenues in the second half of the year and going intobut not materially. What we have seen in April is relative to March is a slowdown in the gross adds coming in the East, but an even slower slowdown in the churn rates in the East, which has really driven great economics for Greenway fuck tonight East in the month of April. But that whole dynamic of back-to-school, you can throw that out the door given that we don't really know what's going to happen with schools.

Business services grew at 3. We'll see how that develops.

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We've seen great demand across the board across all of our geographies, right? Moving on to Slide 5 and speaking of our business, we continue to see solid revenue performance in Q1. How much headroom do you think there is with respect to broadband ARPU? So yes, I don't think we're ready to give you hcat clarity than that today.

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We show that the critical time-scale difference is large if layer I is easy and layer II is hard to control in isolation. Our weighted average cost of debt is now 5. It's really in terms of the ing allocation of our rack rates, and we can't get any more scientific than that. Those customers are paying closer to our rack rate for videos than customers coming in on promo.

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But obviously, gross adds are down. I know there's an allocation element of that, hides that to some extent, from at least bundled customers. And it shows really in our attachment rates, which is the loss that we've seen in terms of acceleration of video RGU losses is really a reduction in the attachment rates on gross adds. As an organization, we are well positioned given the increasing reliance in our networks and services, which have been performing very well.

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Like our peers, we have seen some local ad cancellations in some of the most affected industries such as hospitality and auto. We are probably within 12 months of starting a real push on the self-install side, right? We've started discussions about a month ago. Our margins would be higher except for the recent Cheddar fres, which has slightly diluted the margins since this business only just turned breakeven. So we could see a little more pressure in 2Q. Turning Teens wants sex xxx Slide 11 for our News and Advertising business.

And remember, this represents about a 10 percentage point increase from when we first acquired Suddenlink and Cablevision, and we have been able to sustain margins at these elevated levels while investing in all of our new growth initiatives. Turning to share repurchases. So -- and I think we tried to make the point in our presentation that the sectors where we're most vulnerable, being News and Advertising, specifically local advertising, and then the Tdee, are relatively small portions of our revenue base.

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Telecoms Analyst [28] Two questions, if I could. And with that, we will now take any questions.

There are some great surfing beaches along the coastline, with the main surfing spots at Venus Bay and Waratah Bay. And secondly, we reduced our sales and marketing spend while the stores are closed.

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It seems like there's a real opportunity, particularly against FiOS to take a lot of share. But there tree other things that we're doing in terms of CapEx that is reducing our CapEx budget.

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And then maybe just talk about the strength of broadband in the first quarter. And we're monitoring very closely. We added 35, unique residential customer relationships or 44, including 9, Altice Advantage student customers.

New Members. And where we may see a slowdown in gross adds, to your point, I qdult think we're going to see a continued slowdown in churn s. Turning to Slide Our EBITDA less CapEx margin reflects added capital outlays related to our fiber investments beginning towards the end ofbut we expect additional opportunity to expand our operating free cash flow margin going forward.

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Moving on to 7, you can see the exceptionally strong demand for our broadband offerings, underpinning our customer and revenue growth. In the presence of time-scale separation, controllability is enhanced if the controller interacts with the faster layer: Ni decreases as the time-scale difference increases up to a critical time-scale difference, above which Ni remains constant and is completely determined by the faster layer.

We're in all those discussions, as you may expect.

As we continue to roll out new products, new set-top boxes, new technologies with fiber-to-home, we haven't really focused on the self-installed because we don't have a ubiquitous product necessarily to go after in terms of big volumes. Taking in summation, we are confident that we will be able to deliver on free cash flow growth ineven with slightly ljnes revenue uncertainty in some parts of our business.

But I think as I've mentioned on calls, on the last call, we were hopeful for a better take-up rate on mobile period.