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Gun chat

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Gun owners of canada

Also from personal experience I find my 9mm guns to be the most accurate with grain ghn. I have a Mini Not impacted because you handload? Not impacted because you already shoot a less common round? Surplus ammo with the exception of Swiss GP11 and possibly Swedish 6. While it's not the best, it's certainly a formidable choice for ammunition.

Forums - new jersey gun forums

What ammo do you like that fhat accurately and hunts well? Here at Choice Ammunition, we strive to develop the reputation as the premier ammunition manufacturer in the industry today. Being relatively new to hunting myself, I am wondering about ammo choice. I've been looking at possible the Lehigh defense extreme defender round.

Gun safety

Said they had a good amount. Discussion in 'Competition 's' gunn by SharpShot, May 22, In get a lot of failure to fire and, when shooting on paper, groups are poor. Whatever the heck that means lol!

Any input on carry ammo choice. I didnt think the nuts would be very accurate but I was surprised how good they actually were, and they really seemed to tear through the can with vicious jagged holes.

This is most likely, but I am not positive, rebranded Tula ammo. Never had a problem. Thanks I've never really shot any match ammo out of my garands but I would think that a proper handload worked up with nolser or sierra bullets would be better then the match ammo, and chzt cheaper.

Brand, bullet weight? This is a discussion on. Ammo choice for a Savage.

It is steel cased with the gray polyformance coating. The difference in power between 9mm ammo and the larger pistol calibers is not chay enough to have a ificant impact on stopping power. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Gun talk - firearms talk - a rational discussion on guns in america

These are far from the only good choices for. A friend told me he saw a similar sig gun that used 9mm X 18 ammo but he wasn't sure.

Brand, bullet weight? Black Hills. Good luck! I lost a really nice buck cyat the primer in a 30 06 load did not fire.

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Here are of testing through my Marvel Unit One 5" conversion. What is your choice in 5. If you're looking for the best deals on ammo online, Sportsman's Outdoor Chatt is the place to come. Avoid ammo in CT. We stock one of the best selections of ammunition. If you want a bigger bullet for the moose and Nilgaithe AB would work well.

Berkeley officials hold gun violence forum to answer community questions

I dont really get all into the battle of the best ammo, I just buy the size shot that I need for what im hunting, geese is usually BB or T, mallards 2, and teal and woodies 4, the cheaper stuff works just as well guj you aim right and shoot well. I love both outfits. You have the option of canceling the order. This is a discussion on Chamber measurement and ammo choice?

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Also, it's worth checking just how large the difference between a tank's standard and premium pen is. Not sure what that meant but maybe worth a drive for you closer guys that need some.

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Outdoor Limited is the online ammo superstore to fulfill all your ammunition needs. I would recommend there ammo to anyone!

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Mark, Not everyone plans to shoot at a gazillion yards like you do so a is an excellent choice for yards or so. They deal less damage and are much harder to use.

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Well in my american tracer belts for the. Anyone else here impacted by the ammo shortage? Ammo for "knock down" 3.

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