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The client and the Notification Server authenticate, synchronize user properties, and exchange asynchronous event notifications.

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Since any standard in this area will of necessity msn message a "distributed" de that explicitly enables server- to-server and service-to-service communication, this document will serve primarily as a reference and example of one implementer's choices when providing IM functionality at scale. The string "0" is a reserved dialect name and is used to indicate a failure response.

They can invite additional clients to the established session. Further, the servers only enforce privacy permission with respect to the calling user, and not the other participants in a Switchboard session. While this protocol does not meet many of messafe requirements of the IMPP working group, it is provided as background information on existing Instant Messaging implementations.

Protocol messages sent from server to client are preceded by "S:". 3. Introduction. MSN Messenger Service enables a user to learn about the presence of other. MSN Messenger is an instant messaging program that lets you send instant messages to your friends, and much more. Details. Version. Launched back in , a full 18 years ago, MSN Messenger was a pioneer. Sadly, despite its addictive, message-sending, memory-building.

The optional parameters provide indication of the client command causing the error. In the case of "NS" referrals during logon, the Server automatically closes the client connection after sending this XFR response so that the client can connect to the new IP Address.

This measage describes the protocol used by that product for core instant messaging and presence functionality. Note: The Switchboard Server does not interpret the contents of the Message. For performance reasons it is useful to cache these properties on the client, so that bandwidth usage is minimized in the typical case where the user is not roaming and there were no Reverse List changes.

The common usage of the Switchboard Server is to provide instant messaging sessions. Note that the server can send a state change message to the client at any time. Its primary functions are protocol version negotiation, determination of which Notification Server NS is associated with mns client making a connection via an algorithm of the server's choosingand referring the client to the proper NS.

It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference material or to cite them other than as "work in progress. Protocol messages sent from client to server are preceded by "C:". Do one of the following: To start the installation immediately, click Run. The server responds with the current server version of the properties. This protocol is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.


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The messagee can submit several requests in sequence without waiting for the server response after submitting each request. The server will drop the connection after sending the OUT.

Notifies the client of asynchronous removals from a user's list. This is discussed below. The default setting is A when a new user connects to the server for the first time.

Protocol messages sent from server to client are preceded by "S:". Allow List AL - The list of users who the user has explicitly allowed to see state change notifications and establish client-to- client sessions via a Switchboard Server. No message activity is allowed.

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The servers msn message enforce privacy permissions when inviting users to a session. Note that a lack of version negotiation in the switchboard connection is a limitation of the current implementation. Once a client logs in successfully, it uses the SYN command to ensure it has the latest version of the server-stored properties. This document reflects the protocol used in the 1.

If the current setting is AL, messages from users who are not in Messsage will be delivered. Notifies the client of asynchronous additions to a user's list. The response formats are the same whether it is a client-initiated request, or whether it is a response to the SYN process as described above.

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It's faster than e-mail, more discreet than a phone call, and best of all — it's free! Acknowledgement mode is not currently implemented.

Introduction MSN Messenger Service enables a user to learn about the presence of other people on the Internet, and to communicate with them in real- time. In this state, the client can only synchronize the lists as described above. In cases where a server sends multiple responses to a single client request, the server will use the same transaction ID in each response.

States are denoted by a string of three characters. Protocol Conventions 5. Error- info contains meswage description of the error in a text string localized to the server's locale.

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The entire session roster will be sent to the new client ing the session before any JOI or BYE commands described below. The maximum acceptable length of the encoded custom user name is in the current implementation. They are separate components to facilitate running at scale - each component can be duplicated an arbitrary of times, independently of each other, to enable large s of users.

This is done for two reasons: 1 So that users can "roam", i.

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This Internet Draft may not be updated with such changes, and the changes may be made with little or no notice. If the client tries to change the setting to the same value as the current setting, the server will respond with an meswage message. Examples include client version management and directory functionality. For example, only the server can add or remove entries from the Reverse List - since it is an indirect consequence of the user having been added messagf another user's Forward List.

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In cases where a server sends a command to a client that requires a transaction ID but is not in response to a specific client command, it will use 0 mwn the transaction ID. Once the SS connection is established, the "destination" client receives a notification from its NS to connect to the same SS. All client initiated adds and removes will be echoed by the server with a new serial that should be persisted by the client along with the list modification.

Some features extraneous to core instant messaging functionality contained within the MSN Messenger Service 1.