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A tube structure cjat is like a garbage can, very rigid around the outside but once the damage starts, it is very easy to crush it. So it was a two step event; initial damage by plane and further damage or subsequent loss of structural stability that caused the building to fail.

So there is a good chance that people who are located may still found, though it is a dim chance. See the full gallery.

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Damage from aircraft parts, the fireball explosion, the building falling itself, causing damage to other buildings, the ground shaking, and potentially high winds could now cause other buildings to fall. We don't want them to fall on rescue people. Parents Guide.

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And that is why we have requirements to fireproof buildings for one or two hours to allow orderly egress. Tod Rittenhouse is an expert in blast engineering from the international consulting engineering firm Weidlinger Associates and has been the blast engineer for a of embassies and government buildings. Perhaps we need more water.

I think that toe the fireball was not so great, that they could have contained the fire. They were carrying a lot of weight. How is that possible, that such massive buildings are now nearly gone?

If I can be of any help, please contact me. Patrizia Ortmann. All Rights Reserved.

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Christian Lind Thomas Feist What looks suspicious? Our Web site is: www. Technical Specs. Go To They are very big buildings.

Terror Warnings System. Miriam Stockl. Other systems have been investigated but have been recalled because of other health risks.

Interactive: Terror Investigation. Michael 'Michi' Mohr Marisa Burger Crazy Credits.

Perla karvasova (30) and tod (31) - looking in curru |

The Rise of Tessa Thompson. Patrizia Ortmann Christian K.

The above is an edited transcript of the interview on Thursday, September 13, In other words, if a fire breaks out in a 15th floor, the sprinklers will go off on the 15th and 16th floors and so tod chat, up the building as required to fight local fire. In-Depth: How prepared is your city? Photo Gallery. Had the building collapse occurred two to four hours after the initial event, they would have been able to evacuate everybody.

Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists. How safe is it really to be in the upper levels of such a tall building during an emergency?

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The following fire further damaged the support columns. How long before we get to the folks?

You have to be careful that vibrations from machinery do not cause further failures. He has been called to discuss such problems as the Oklahoma City bombing and the World Trade Center calamity. Edit Details Country: Germany. Get some picks.

So there is a strong possibility that if they can get to them, they will be people there. You have to be concerned that removing rubble doesn't collapse on air pockets below where victims might be. A Time Warner Company.

Intelligence intercept led to Buffalo suspects. address:.